About Big Time Pawn Shop

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Big Time Pawn was started in July of 2014 by a few local Roanoke Rapids Businessmen. They had an idea of a big store with cars, trucks, bikes, boats, collectibles, firearms, and much more for sale. They wanted to have all kind of things for sale. They started earlier in 2014 gathering inventory for the store, hiring people, and learning  to open a store from scratch.  In a few months time they had pretty much stocked a nice buiding with all kind of things for sale and then they started buying and loaning money on products, the pawn side of the business. Today's economy is hard and money is tight....bring the items you no longer need or use and lets make a deal on them. We can purchase them from you or make you a loan on your goods. Remember....when the banks say no, Big Time Pawn says YES.


Need cash? At Big Time Pawn Shop, all is takes is just a few quick and easy steps, and you’ll be on your way with money in hand. Tight on cash, got a unexpected bill? We have money to loan.


Stop by today with the items you want to sell, and get your hands on some quick cash! If you have unwanted Gold Jewelry, broken or not, even scrap gold, it has a real value! Why not sell it to us, and use the cash to buy something you want.


Bargain hunters and pawnshops go hand in hand. At Big Time Pawn Shop, we’ve got a wide variety of valuable merchandise at very affordable prices. Jewelry, fine watches, electronics, high quality power-tools, musical instruments, and more! It’s a smart shoppers Paradise!! Stop by and take a look around!